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[texts]New initiatives in public/private contracting under the build-operate-transfer model. - Armes, Michael W.
AD-A314 353
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[movies]Ecuador's Debt Audit: Implications in the Global Economic Crisis
Presentation on Ecuador's audit of the nation's debt by Maria Elsa Viteri, Ecuadorian Minister of Economy of Finance, sponsored by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, December 11, 2008.
Keywords: Ecuador; Latin America; third world debt; developing nations debt
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[texts]ERIC ED362037: How Not To Embark on a Bilingual Education Policy in a Developing Country: The Case of Nigeria. - ERIC
This paper traces the origin and development of bilingual education in Nigeria. Necessary facilities for a successful implementation of a bilingual education policy in a developing country such as Nigeria are discussed. The paper argues that, although there was a genuine need for Nigeria to embark on a bilingual education policy in the first place, the policy was, however, too ambitious and unrealistic...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bilingual Education; Case Studies; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Language Planning; Policy Formation; Public Policy
[texts]ERIC ED368590: Educating about Development: Lessons Learned. Development Education Annual 1989. Volume One. - ERIC
This document was created to serve as a major networking tool of the National Clearinghouse on Development Education (NCoDE). The purpose of the document is to share state of the art practices and common concerns among the expanding development education community. Among the items in the publication is an interview with Elizabeth Hogan, coordinator of the USAID Biden-Pell program. There is also an interview with U.S...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Foreign Policy; International Relations; Needs Assessment; Program Evaluation
[texts]ERIC ED352278: Seminar on African Perspectives and Issues on Peace Education and Action in Africa: A Report from a Seminar Held in Conjunction with the Meeting of the Adult Education Association of Zambia (Lusaka, Zambia, October 3-7, 1988). - ERIC
This report presents the proceedings of a seminar that brought together almost 30 intellectuals, artists, and development activists from eight African countries and Canada to identify the obstacles to peace in Africa and develop strategies to overcome them. One of the other purposes of the seminar was to develop elements of curriculum and instructional materials for peace education and action plans for selected target groups of adults and other special groups...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; International Education; International Educational Exchange; Peace; Social Change
[texts]ERIC ED350569: Women and Literacy Development in the Third World. Papers Presented at an International Seminar on Women and Literacy Development--Constraints and Prospects (Linkoping, Sweden, August 1991). - ERIC
Organized to focus world-wide public attention on the massive gender inequalities in many areas of the world, a seminar entitled "Women and Literacy Development--Constraints and Prospects" was held in Sweden during August 1991. This book presents conference papers by female literacy experts from 12 developing nations (three in Latin America, five in Africa, three in Asia, and one in the South Pacific Region) on the literacy situation for girls and women in their respective countries...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Females; Foreign Countries; Literacy; Sex Bias; Sex Discrimination
[texts]ERIC ED379169: Learning by Performing Arts: From Indigenous to Endogenous Cultural Development. CESO Paperback No. 16. - ERIC
This document explores, from a Dutch perspective, the role of the performing arts in education in developing nations. In particular, the analysis focuses on Zambia. Introductory sections of the report touch on the connections among culture, education, and performance, as well as the role of avant-garde and popular theater, the theme of alienation, and the anthropology of theater. A historical section addresses the use of theater in development communication, popular theater and social change, th...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Development Communication; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Indigenous Populations; International Education; Theater Arts
[texts]ERIC ED366540: Functional Curriculum Development: A Means of Retaining Nomadic Fulbe Cultural Identity. Contribution of Education to Cultural Development. - ERIC
To develop a functional curriculum for Nigeria's nomadic Fulbe tribespeople it is necessary to understand the cultural setting. The myths of the Fulbe, such as the story of herdsman Sile Sajo's encounter with the deity Kumen, provide insight into the culture. The story reflects the society's agricultural base, identifies personal characteristics which the culture prizes, and provides insight into the Fulbe moral code...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Curriculum Development; Developing Nations; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Indigenous Populations; Mythology
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[movies]MIT SP.723 D-Lab: Disseminating Innovations for the Common Good, Spring 2007 - MIT OpenCourseWare
D-Lab III is the third in the trilogy of D-Lab courses, D-Lab III focuses on disseminating innovations among underserved communities, especially in developing countries. Students acquire skills related to building partnerships and piloting, financing, implementing, and scaling-up a selected innovation for the common good. The course is structured around MIT and outside competitions. Teams develop an idea, project or (social) business plan that is "ready to roll" by term's end...
Keywords: development; innovation; technology implementation; third world; developing nations; social business plan; project development; poverty; hygiene; health
Downloads: 125
[texts]ERIC ED366538: Education: The Carrier of Cultural Development. Contribution of Education to Cultural Development. - ERIC
This document examines the role of education in cultural development. Culture itself is difficult to define, but involves behavior that is shared, transmitted, imitated, adapted, and altered within a society. Each social group has a cultural identity--that core of concepts, ideas, values, behavior, and purposes by which members of the group identify themselves and distinguish themselves from other groups...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Enrichment; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Government School Relationship; Groups; Role of Education; Socialization
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[texts]ERIC ED356153: Regional Seminar on Community Support for Education and Participation in Educational Management (Bali, Indonesia, October 30-November 4, 1989). Report. - ERIC
In recent years issues concerning community support for education and participation in educational management have come to the fore in developing Asian and Pacific countries. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCO/PROAP) has organized regional training seminars concerning educational planning and management at the systems, micro-, and institutional levels...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Community Involvement; Community Support; Developing Nations; Educational Administration; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries
[texts]ERIC ED379194: Women in Development: A.I.D.'s Experience, 1973-1985. Vol. 1 Synthesis Paper. A.I.D. Program Evaluation Report No. 18. - ERIC
Based on desk reviews and/or field studies of 102 projects related to women, this report synthesizes the results of A.I.D. experience since 1973 in targeting women in development (WID) activities. The major finding is that mainstream projects that ensure women's participation in accordance with their roles within the project's baseline situation are more likely to achieve their aims than projects that do not...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Basic Skills; Community Development; Developing Nations; Educational Development; Females; Participation; Social Science Research; Technical Assistance; Womens Education
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[texts]ERIC ED367583: Cultural Development through the Interaction between Education, the Community, and Society in General. - ERIC
The interdependence between education and culture is of growing importance. Interest is growing in the relationship between the two, because of the pace of technological change, the effects of social currents, and the decision by the United Nations General Assembly to observe 1988-1997 as the World Decade for Cultural Development. One of the main objectives of education is to prepare the young for integration into society...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Education; Developing Nations; Interdisciplinary Approach; Mass Media; Social Change; Socialization; Technological Advancement
[texts]ERIC ED364491: Drop-Out in Schools in India: Minor Field Studies in Orissa 1990. Educational and Psychological Interactions. No. 112. - ERIC
This document consists of a report on the Minor Field Studies (MFS) program of the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) and contains two MFS papers by teacher trainees at the Malmo School of Education in Sweden. The papers presented are "Drop-outs in Orissa," by Elisabeth Rosen, and "Education in India: A Study of Drop-Out Children in Orissa," by Anna Hedstrom. The study reports penetrate the important problem of dropouts in Indian schools, but treat the subject from different angl...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Dropout Rate; Dropout Research; Dropouts; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Social Values; Socialization
[texts]ERIC ED368964: Learning To Live in Harmony and Diversity: Focus on Human Rights Education. - ERIC
This special issue centers around the theme of education for peace and human rights. It contains materials concerning the practice of adult education in the Asian-South Pacific region. The journal contains 15 papers. The following papers provide regional perspectives: "Learning to Live in Harmony and Diversity" (editorial) (Rajesh Tandon); "Human Rights Education as a Human Right" (workshop report); "Human Rights Teaching Programmes: Specific Problems and Scope" (Anand Swaroop Verma); "Human Rig...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Civil Liberties; Developing Nations; Educational Needs; Foreign Countries; Human Relations; International Crimes; International Education; International Organizations; Justice; Peace
[texts]ERIC ED369704: Education and Cultural Development: Policies and Practices in the Africa Region. - ERIC
This paper is an attempt to summarize the responses provided by African member states to a questionnaire that was part of the preparation activities for a conference on education. The questionnaire dealt with: (1) education, culture, and development policies; (2) taking the cultural dimension into account in educational programs; (3) the role of education in the cultural and artistic development of the individual; (4) cultural development through interaction between education, the community, and...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Economic Development; Educational Policy; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Questionnaires; Role of Education; Sociocultural Patterns
[texts]ERIC ED350213: [UNESCO] Regional Consultation Meeting on the Asia and Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) (12th, Chaing Mai, Thailand, August 20-27, 1990). Final Report. - ERIC
This document is the final report of a Regional Consultation Meeting (RCM) on the Asia Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), a mechanism developed by UNESCO to bring about regional cooperation in education in Asia and the Pacific. This RCM was attended by 55 participants, resource persons, and observers from Australia, Bangladesh, China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Mongolia,...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Educational Development; Educational Policy; Foreign Countries; International Cooperation; International Education; International Educational Exchange; International Organizations
[texts]ERIC ED352178: Hearing on AIDS: Threat to the Developing World's Children. Hearing before the Select Committee on Hunger. House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session. - ERIC
Key leaders working for international, bilateral, and private organizations presented oral testimony and written statements on how developing countries can be assisted in coping with the AIDS crisis. Michael Merson of the World Health Organization, Richard Bissell of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Milton Amayun of World Vision Relief and Development read prepared statements and answered questions about the extent of the AIDS epidemic, especially in sub-Sahara...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; Child Health; Children; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Foreign Policy; Health Programs; Hearings; International Programs
[texts]ERIC ED351786: Education and Human Resources Sector Assessment Manual. - ERIC
This manual endorses and adopts the sector-assessment approach for planning and managing the allocation of educational resources. Chapter 1 presents the manual's goals. Chapter 2 describes the manual's content and information sources, explains the term "sector assessment," identifies the groups that benefit from recommendations made by the assessments, and presents a brief historical overview of the education sector-assessments...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Educational Assessment; Efficiency; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Methods; Foreign Countries; National Programs; Resource Allocation; Systems Approach
[texts]ERIC ED354681: Culture and Disability in the Pacific. Summaries of Papers Prepared for a Working Session of the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (New Orleans, Louisiana, February 1992). - ERIC
This newsletter issue is devoted to summaries of 12 papers on culture and disability issues in the Pacific. The summaries presented span Oceania and are based on papers representing Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. Papers have the following titles and authors: "Nstasinge: The Sickness of a Small Boy from the Finisterre Range in Papua New Guinea from an Emic (Anthropological) and Etic (Biomedical) Perspective" (Verena Keck); "Culture and Disability in Palau" (Yoichi K...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Anthropology; Attitudes toward Disabilities; Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural Influences; Developing Nations; Diabetes; Disabilities; Foreign Countries; Perception; Rehabilitation
[texts]ERIC ED380823: The Caribbean Story on CNN World Report: Just What is Development News? - ERIC
While Caribbean countries complained during the 1970s about negative coverage at the hands of Western journalists, scholars have observed that local Caribbean media were not providing adequate news coverage from the region either. A study examined 245 news stories sent by English-speaking Caribbean journalists to CNN World Report over a five-year period (1987-92). First the term "development" was defined as to its scholarly application in this study...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agenda Setting; Developing Nations; Development Communication; Foreign Countries; News Media; News Reporting; Press Opinion; Television
[texts]ERIC ED371199: Determinants and Effects of Learning Environments in Agricultural Science Classrooms in Nigeria. - ERIC
A study examined the factors determining the learning environments of agricultural science classes in Nigeria and the effects of those learning environments on student attitudes and achievement. The study sample, which was selected to be representative of schools from Nigeria's northern and southern regions and urban and rural areas, consisted of 1,175 students in 50 secondary-level agricultural science classes in 20 different schools located in 8 states...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Agricultural Education; Agricultural Sciences; Classroom Environment; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; National Surveys; Secondary Education; Student Attitudes
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[texts]ERIC ED381479: Education for All Summit of Nine High-Population Countries (New Delhi, India, December 12-16, 1993). Final Report. - ERIC
This final report on an international conference of nine high population developing countries on education for all (EFA) begins with a declaration of goals by the representatives of each of the nine nations represented. Participating nations were Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Pakistan. After a scene setting discussion at the beginning of a pre-summit session when delegates considered the analysis and synthesis paper prepared by United Nations Education,...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Developing Nations; Elementary Education; Females; Foreign Countries; International Cooperation; Overpopulation; Womens Education
[texts]ERIC ED381478: Education for All Summit of Nine High-Population Countries (New Delhi, India, December 12-16, 1993). Panel Proceedings. - ERIC
This collection of panel proceedings is divided into five sections each of which is devoted to one panel. Panel 1 focused on mobilization, people's participation, and decentralization for "Education For All (EFA)." Panel 2 was devoted to external and internal financial resources for EFA (Government of India). Panel 3 was on girls' and women's education, women's empowerment, and population issues. Panel 4 was on education and society...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Developing Nations; Educational Policy; Elementary Education; Females; Foreign Countries; International Cooperation; Overpopulation; Womens Education
[texts]ERIC ED360203: Perspectives from the South in Development Education. Development Education Annual 1990/1991. - ERIC
This annual publication presents perspectives on development education from developing nations or "Southern" countries. The following articles are included: "Development Education: Education Beyond Labels" (P. Christenson); "Synthesis and Reflections of Annual '90/91" (J. Sommer); "Creating the World in Our Own Image: The American Media Defines Africa" (M. Mpanya); "Development Education about Africa: Decoding the Domination" (E...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Economic Development; Foreign Countries; Global Approach; Industrialization; International Education; International Programs; World Affairs
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED360209: Educational Planning in Small-Area Countries: The Case of the Caribbean (Study Made on Behalf of Unesco). - ERIC
This paper describes a study whose twofold purpose was to: (1) use the monograph approach to improve knowledge about the situation of education in small countries, particularly in the Caribbean; and (2) distill ideas and techniques to make a technical contribution to educational planning in small countries. Part 1 presents a preliminary reminder of the theoretical and methodological bases of the socio-economic analysis of small countries to explain underlying problems...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Comparative Analysis; Developing Nations; Educational Planning; Educational Research; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Higher Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED375964: Micro-Enterprises: What They Are and What They Can Be. - ERIC
Noting the failure of large, centralized production systems in developing countries, this journal issue describes the functions, types, and strategies of micro-enterprises in the modernization process of developing countries, especially in Africa. The journal analyzes the characteristics and failures of micro-enterprises and informal industries, and suggests innovative methods for support of the informal sector by micro-enterprises...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Economic Development; Economic Impact; Entrepreneurship; Financial Support; Foreign Countries; Management Development; Small Businesses; Women Administrators
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED380338: Implementing Educational Policies in Ethiopia. World Bank Discussion Papers No. 84. Africa Technical Department Series. - ERIC
This study provides an historical account and critical appraisal of the educational policies in Ethiopia since 1941. Chapters include: (1) "Introduction"; (2) "Postwar Reconstruction and the Formation of an Educational System 1941-51"; (3) "Toward the Planned Development of Education 1951-61"; (4) "A New Challenge of Educational Development 1961-73"; and (5) "Towards a Socialist System of Education." Difficulties encountered in assessing educational achievement are examined as the country strugg...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Basic Skills; Developing Nations; Educational Assessment; Educational Cooperation; Educational Planning; Educational Policy; Educational Research; Foreign Countries; Literacy
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED363426: UNICEF Annual Report, 1993. - ERIC
This annual report for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) details the programs and services provided by this organization in 1992-93. Following an introduction by UNICEF's executive director, the report briefly reviews UNICEF activities for 1992, then describes specific projects in the following areas: (1) child survival and development; (2) basic education; (3) water and environmental sanitation; (4) sustainable development; (5) urban basic services; (6) childhood disability; (7) child...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Annual Reports; Child Health; Child Welfare; Developing Nations; Family Programs; Financial Support; Foreign Countries; International Programs; Technical Assistance
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED379528: The Workshop for the Promotion and Development of the UNESCO Co-Action Learning Center Programme (2nd, Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan, September 1-8, 1993). World Terakoya Movement. Final Report. - ERIC
This document provides summaries of conference papers and discussions at a workshop focused on improving the quality of literacy education in developing countries. The workshop was attended by 20 project leaders and observers from 11 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, India, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, as well as UNESCO officials. Following official greetings, election of officers, and adoption of an agenda and schedule, the following reports ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Adult Literacy; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Literacy Education; Program Implementation; Program Improvement
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED382002: Some Guidelines for a Literacy and Language Policy. - ERIC
Guidelines are presented that were produced as a result of discussions at a gathering of international scholars and practitioners at an international seminar on "Sustaining Local Literacies: People, Language, and Power," organized by Education for Development and held at the University of Reading (United Kingdom) on March 19-20, 1993. During the seminar, it was felt that there is a need to redress the misleading images and representations of literacy and language work that dominate much reportin...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; International Cooperation; Language Planning; Literacy Education; Mission Statements; Policy Formation; Strategic Planning
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED351818: Toy Libraries/Lekoteks in an International Perspective. - ERIC
This article reports a survey of members of the International Toy Library Association and others in order to describe the international toy library/lekotek movement today. Information from 37 countries was evaluated and the similarities and differences among the toy libraries/lekoteks identified, as well as the various philosophies, aims, and activities. Three main types of toy library/lekotek are described: (1) community oriented toy libraries; (2) lekoteks for children with disabilities; and (...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Child Development; Community Services; Developing Nations; Disabilities; Foreign Countries; Instructional Materials; Libraries; Play; Surveys; Toys; Trend Analysis
[texts]ERIC ED355684: Training of Persons Who Care for Persons with Mental Handicap: An Asian Experience. - ERIC
This report documents the personal views and experiences gained while conducting training courses for caregivers of persons with mental handicap in many countries of Asia. The experiences are presented as an example of what can be done in a situation of limited material resources to improve the lives of people with mental handicap in developing countries. The training approach considers the cultural context of people of Asia, the terminology used for "mental handicap," and the need to have a car...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attitude Change; Attitudes toward Disabilities; Caregivers; Cultural Influences; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Mental Retardation; Teaching Methods; Training Methods
[texts]ERIC ED355125: European NGOs Providing Resources for Development and Social Justice in South Africa: A Handbook. South African Information Exchange Working Paper Number 18. - ERIC
This handbook explores Europe's nonprofit nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that have been working for change in South Africa and now are engaged, or planning to engage in the economic, social, and human resource development of a democratic South Africa. The purposes of the document are to: (1) illuminate for both donor agencies and groups seeking support the complex framework in which the NGOs operate; (2) clarify sources of financial, technical, and informational assistance for sustainable ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Apartheid; Change Agents; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; International Organizations; International Relations; Nongovernmental Organizations; Social Action
[texts]ERIC ED355619: Exercise Manual: Educational Policy Analysis Training Workshop. - ERIC
The Educational Policy Analysis Training Workshop is designed to provide training in quick response analysis to typical policy issues encountered in developing countries. The workshop emphasizes working in small groups, approaching problems from a variety of analytic standpoints and presenting understandable and persuasive conclusions for use by policymakers unfamiliar with quantitative techniques...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Educational Assessment; Educational Development; Educational Policy; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Group Dynamics; Workbooks; Workshops
[texts]ERIC ED351777: Evaluation Plans for the Junior Secondary Curriculum and Management Activities of the Botswana Ministry of Education. - ERIC
Information on evaluation planning for the Community Junior Secondary School (CJSS) system in Botswana is presented in this monograph. The papers were used within the Ministry of Education's Department of Curriculum Development and Evaluation as part of the Junior Secondary Education Improvement Project (JSEIP). The first two chapters describe the participative and argumentative orientation of the evaluation plans...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Educational Assessment; Educational Improvement; Educational Planning; Foreign Countries; Junior High Schools; Program Evaluation
[texts]ERIC ED356859: Rural Agrobusiness. - ERIC
This publication describes the formation and evolution of rural agribusiness (RA) in the southern hemisphere as a precondition for improving the lives of families in rural communities, and focuses on RA endeavors created by development projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. After a short introduction, the first section of this study examines what is at stake in RA in Latin America and the Caribbean, exploring the philosophy behind and reality of RA, as well as the strengths and we...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agribusiness; Agricultural Trends; Case Studies; Developing Nations; Farm Management; Farmers; Foreign Countries; Marketing; Modernization; Rural Development; Technical Assistance
[texts]ERIC ED356154: Work Plan of APEID for the Fifth Programming Cycle, 1992-1996. A Report of the APEID Programme Development Meeting (Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 28-31, 1990). - ERIC
This document is a work plan for the UNESCO Asia and the Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) for the period 1992 through 1996. The plan provides a general framework for APEID, including a formulation of annual schedules of activities with due regard to available resources and funding. The document discusses three major program areas: (1) universal primary education; (2) science, mathematics, and technology education; and (3) reorientation and qualitative improveme...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Educational Finance; Educational Improvement; Elementary Secondary Education; Equal Education; Foreign Countries; International Educational Exchange; Technological Advancement
[texts]ERIC ED355418: Bibliography of Distance Education Publications in Papua New Guinea. - ERIC
This bibliography lists 132 articles, books, handbooks, and research reports concerning distance education in Papua New Guinea. All but one were published between 1970 and 1992. It was compiled through a questionnaire sent to staff members of distance education institutions as well from reports submitted at meetings of the Papua New Guinea Association of Distance Education. The bibliography is arranged two ways: (1) alphabetically by authors; and (2) alphabetically by type of publication (articl...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Developing Nations; Distance Education; Foreign Countries; Guides; Periodicals; Postsecondary Education; Research Projects; Research Reports
[audio]Peterson Perspectives: A "Grand Bargain" at the G-20 - Peterson Institute for International Economics
Morris Goldstein explains why a "grand bargain" between developed and developing nations at the G-20 summit in April could arrest the downward slide in the global economy.
Keywords: G-20; G-20 summit; global economy; economic crisis; financial crisis; developing nations; Morris Goldstein; Peterson Institute; Institute for International Economics
Downloads: 296
[texts]ERIC ED369888: Snapshots from Tanzania. - ERIC
This paper describes work in a Tanzanian village for the purpose of gaining a clearer view of work and the societal incentives for work in the United States. It is written for those who work, those who prepare others for work, those who teach and counsel about work, and those who advocate for consideration of worker needs in the design and management of jobs. The description of rural Tanzania calls attention to the economic dimension of work and the social values associated with it...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Influences; Developing Nations; Economics; Foreign Countries; Job Development; Political Attitudes; Social Influences; Social Values; Technology; Traditionalism; Work Attitudes; Work Ethic
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED378400: Irrigation Training Manual. Planning, Design, Operation, and Management of Small-Scale Irrigation Systems [and] Irrigation Reference Manual. A Technical Reference to Be Used with the Peace Corps Irrigation Training Manual T0076 in the Selection, Planning, Design, Operation, and Management of Small-Scale Irrigation Systems. - ERIC
This resource for trainers involved in irrigated agriculture training for Peace Corps volunteers consists of two parts: irrigation training manual and irrigation reference manual. The complete course should fully prepare volunteers serving as irrigation, specialists to plan, implement, evaluate and manage small-scale irrigation projects in arid, semi-arid, or sub-humid tropical and sub-tropical climates...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Agricultural Education; Agricultural Engineering; Agriculture; Agronomy; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Instructional Materials; Learning Activities; Lesson Plans; Teaching Guides; Volunteer Training; Water Resources
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED371110: Financing Vocational Education and Training in Developing Countries. Training Discussion Paper No. 111. - ERIC
This document reports on financing vocational education and training (VET) in developing countries. It focuses on different ways that programs are financed, the link between financing and educational practice, and the conditions that govern the effective use of resources. Chapter I examines the use of public tax revenues to finance VET. It identifies some adverse consequences of public financing; highlights the potential for extending use of public revenues through alternatives to block grants; ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Corporate Support; Developing Nations; Educational Finance; Fellowships; Financial Support; Foreign Countries; Job Training; Postsecondary Education; Secondary Education; Student Loan Programs; Tax Allocation; Vocational Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED373161: Expert Identification of In-Service Training Needs of Field Agents Working in Training and Visit (T&V) Systems of Extension. - ERIC
A study used the opinions of 25 recognized experts in international extension education to identify the in-service training needs of field agents working in training and visit (T&V) systems of extension in developing countries. A pilot-tested nine-item interview schedule was used to interview 25 experts with work and/or consultation experience in international agricultural systems (preferably T&V systems)...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Agricultural Education; Developing Nations; Educational Needs; Extension Agents; Extension Education; Field Instruction; Foreign Countries; Inservice Education; Needs Assessment; Program Improvement; Training Methods; Vocational Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED361235: Gender Violence: A Development and Human Rights Issue. - ERIC
This document includes two articles describing the failure of the international human rights movement to consider or remedy the situation of women outside of the basic demand for political rights of people in general. The first article, "Women's Rights as Human Rights: Toward a Re-Vision of Human Rights" (Charlotte Bunch), emphasizes the responsibility of governments and patriarchy for the perpetuation of violence against women...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Civil Liberties; Developing Nations; Females; Feminism; International Programs; Political Science; Sex Discrimination; Social Change; Sociocultural Patterns; Values Education; Violence; Womens Studies; World Problems
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED367584: The Role of Education in the Cultural and Artistic Development of the Individual: Developing Artistic and Creative Skills. - ERIC
Education should be the most efficient way of arousing the individual's cultural consciousness. A concept of "interculturality" now exists, signifying the importance of the interaction between different cultures. There must no longer be a distinction between the "high class" culture of the erudite and the "low class" culture of the lower social strata. It is necessary to recognize all of the influences upon the culture of the developing nation, even those influences that spring from former colon...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Art Appreciation; Art Education; Creativity; Cultural Education; Cultural Interrelationships; Cultural Pluralism; Developing Nations; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Individual Development; Social Status
[texts]ERIC ED366814: Development by Personal Effort--Personnel Cooperation in German Development Policy. Sonderthema. IN Visitors Information SO 1. - ERIC
In the opinion of international and German experts, development policy in the 1990s should be focused on human beings. People in less-developed nations must take their political and economic fate into their own hands. The objective of personnel cooperation is to turn passive recipients of aid into active protagonists of their own development. Personnel cooperation is supplemented and supported by financial cooperation and technical cooperation...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Economic Development; Females; Foreign Countries; Individual Development; International Cooperation; Interpersonal Relationship; Job Training; Teamwork; Womens Education
[texts]ERIC ED367203: Higher Education in Africa. Hearing before the Subcommittee on African Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session (May 17, 1993). - ERIC
Testimony on federal aid to higher education in Africa is recorded in this report of a congressional hearing. Subcommittee chairman Senator Paul Simon opened by describing his hope that more U.S. aid be directed to the relatively new but now deteriorating African institutions of higher education. John Hicks, from the Bureau for Africa at the Agency for International Development, testified on early efforts to assist Kenya and Uganda, past assistance in agricultural higher education, and current a...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Black Colleges; Developing Nations; Federal Aid; Foreign Countries; Foreign Policy; Hearings; Higher Education; International Relations; Politics of Education; Role of Education
[texts]ERIC ED366130: Western Hemisphere Conference on Persons with Disabilities. Conference Proceedings (Washington, D.C., March 14-18, 1993) = Conferencia Hemisferica Occidental sobre Personas con Discapacidades. Actas de la Conferencia. (Washington, D.C., 14 al 18 de Marzo de 1993). - ERIC
This document presents the proceedings of a conference which brought together delegates and First Ladies representing western hemisphere nations to address needs and issues affecting people with disabilities in the Americas. It presents the texts of two keynote addresses: "Small Triumphs, Big Victories: A Global View of Persons with Disabilities," by Antonia C. Novello, and "Rehabilitation in Latin America: Accomplishments in the Last Decade," by Antonio Lacal Z...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Area Studies; Attitudes; Developing Nations; Disabilities; Equal Opportunities (Jobs); Foreign Countries; Global Approach; International Studies; Knowledge Level; Public Policy; Rehabilitation; Social Integration
[texts]ERIC ED364767: Development of a Distance Education Network in the OECS. Feasibility Study. Filling a Gap in a Way that Makes Sense. Report of a Consultancy to the Commonwealth of Learning. - ERIC
A study was conducted to determine the feasibility of a distance education network in the Eastern Caribbean. Two types of consultations were completed: a brief site survey of four Eastern Caribbean states (Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, and Saint Lucia) and a workshop in Saint Lucia to which education officials from government agencies and higher education institutions were invited. Through these sessions, information was gathered on the experience and resources of colleges of further education in ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; College Programs; Developing Nations; Distance Education; Educational Innovation; Educational Needs; Educational Planning; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Needs Assessment; Program Development; Statewide Planning
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